Thing 2: Flickr

As much of a tech savvy lady as I am, I had never used Flickr. I really didn’t feel the need to do so because I share my pictures via FaceBook. I began by watching a three minute tutorial about Flickr basics; it lead me to the water, and oh man have I drank from it!

I created my account from my existing Yahoo account, uploaded photos I took of the Science Library at MOSI. I tagged, titled, and summarized each photo then added them to a set labeled “Science Library at MOSI” for easy viewing. Then I took my Flickr experience a step further. After fooling around on the Flickr site for a while (clicking on icons to see what they did), I figured out how to link my Flickr account to my blog at WordPress so that I can instantly blog about pictures I’ve taken or add pictures that match my musings. Taking it even further, the photo application on my MacBook (iPhoto) has a icon that will instantly publish my photos and videos directly from the application–eliminating the need to upload them to my computer then having to go to the Flickr site to upload them again. I just highlight the pictures I want to appear on Flickr, click the icon, and presto they’re there for me to share!

Many libraries are using Flickr now (click here to see a list), and I think it’s a great resource for libraries to share photos of their events, staff, location, collection, and so much more. But, not everyone is on the bandwagon. Worries of privacy violations and just the point of it all are just two issues surrounding Flickr (click here to see a related article at Tame the Web).

In general, I was quiet pleased with my Flickr experience. I thought it was very easy to use and the site is easy to navigate. I most enjoy how Flickr allows the user to integrate other applications. I don’t see myself using Flickr for personal photo sharing (as I mentioned I FaceBook for that) but if I continue to blog (which I just might) I will surely use it.

Side note: while blogging this, I learned how to embed links.

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